Best spots to grab a craft brew in Portland 🍺

As requested by @LAmag .This list is by no means comprehensive. If you're a beer tourist (or accidentally become one when you get here because you get ~awakened~), don't neglect to take a day trip to Hood River. Or an overnight to Bend. Or maybe Eugene. Or hit Astoria. You get the idea. 🍻
  1. Ecliptic Brewing
    Solid patio, wide-ranging array of beers (light, dark, sour, experimental, they do 'em). Founded by the gent behind some of Oregon's core craft beers (Mirror Pond, anyone?). Menu changes frequently & takes some risks, not your standard pub food.
  2. Loyal Legion
    99 taps, all Oregon. No Washington- not even Vancouver. Just Oregon. Fun high-back leather booths, nice for sitting with friends- the best beers are those enjoyed in good company!
  3. Gigantic Brewing
    Gotta time this one right- a sunny day is clutch here. The inside's pretty small. If the food carts aren't open, you're outta luck beyond some (very tasty but not a meal) local popcorn they sell. But the beers are innovative, the bartender is always nice, and the vibe is very good indeed.
  4. Horse Brass Pub
    It's dark in here. Strongly English. The taplist is a joy to behold. The on-deck page at the back will make you pray for a tap to blow, maybe the one you've been looking for is up next. If not, you'll still find something new. The late Don Younger's joint, it's a part of Oregon craft beer history.
  5. Roscoe's
    A surprising taplist for what looks like a dive. A little hipster-y. But they're probably pouring 7 or 8 things you've never tried.
  6. NWIPA
    6 tightly-curated taps plus a few coolers at this SE Foster temple to the PNW's iconic style. Friendly folks behind the bar. Great pimento cheese for a snack.
  7. Lightning round: Saraveza, Hopworks, Imperial Taproom, Green Dragon, Sasquatch, Cascade Barrel Brewing House, Bridgeport, Ex Novo, Victory Bar, Leisure.
  8. Presumed: Double Mountain's forthcoming taproom on SE Woodstock.
    Their Hood River location is my home-away-from-home. I am profoundly fond of their beers, their pizza, and the way they approach everything with integrity. Opening soon...maybe June?