1. Disney theme parks need to make a restaurant that serves those pancakes that look like Disney characters
  2. What does it sound like when an animal talks in their head
  3. Is it gross and weird that I'm attracted to Billy Bob Thornton?
  4. Cheese is like the ultimate food because it tastes good with so so many things
  5. It'd be cool if all babies that look like John Legend and the man himself came together to take a picture
  6. Marry, fuck, kill: Types of potatoes. Fuck fries. Marry chips. Kill baked potatoes
    (M=always have to eat. F=side hoe. K=erase from earth)
  7. I wonder how many people are watching the same thing as me on Netflix right now
  8. Some Americans are so selfish that they have such a hard time with people living here speaking different languages but get so offended when traveling overseas people don’t understand what you’re trying to ask them.
  9. Billy Bob Thornton is hot