1. Drinking!!
    all this coulda been avoided had i not gotten completely fucked up!!!!
  2. Holding 103763 different hands
    I don't know why or how, but I somehow managed to hold hands with a ton of different people. How the fuck I just go around grabbing hands!!
  3. Peeing on my cat tail
    This one sounds fucked up but I was a cat for a party and forgot I had a tail on when I was so drunk and peeing in a whataburger bathroom at 3a. Thankfully Kelsey was there to document my mistake.
  4. Crying
    I cried 1000 different time all while telling my best friend how great of a friend he truly is to me. I mean, I'm glad I told him that but I was so emotional damn!!! And crying again because someone gave me water and I was so thankful lmfao
  5. Taking such awful pictures
    And putting them on my snap story but mostly I didn't get one good pic from the party because my drunk ass didn't care about lighting or anything. This pics are UGLY!!!
  6. Masturbating so furiously!!
    Bith wth when I finally got home at 4a I took off all my clothes to get in bed but I always get rly horny when I'm naked and drunk in bed so I decided to start masturbating but took forever for me to get off because I couldn't get comfy so I was just rubbing my pussy raw for mad long and I should've just given up but I kept it going until I came!! Persistence gave me a mediocre orgasm.
  7. Snapchatting!!
    Bitch how come I always gotta tell someone they cute when I'm drunk anyways I gotta stay off sbapchat because i embarrass myself!!!