after updating my iOS, I now have new fav emojis and these are them ok
  1. 🤘🏼
    i live to rock
  2. 🕵
    my lil detective dude searching for the #TRUTH and finding the #FAKES. I love him for working so hard. That hat? Adorable. The magnifying glass? Important and necessary
  3. this is just pretty and makes me feel positive!! but what is it? who is she? a shooting star? I think but she cute and I love her
  4. 🤑
    bitch me too I love money!!!
  5. 🙃
    this is my dude. this lil guy perfectly describes me. im upside down smiley at all times. like..... FAKE. that's what he means to me. anytime im pissed off irl I do this fake bith smile that's closed mouth and I look dumb as fuck but I can't help it. This emoji is me.
  6. use this one to express how hard u are and that you're willing to fight at anytime
  7. 🕴
    lmfao honestly what is this lil guy?? i use him for everything but his true purpose? yo no se pero i love his lil floating ass
  8. 🤔
    perfect when someone is saying something sus ain't nothing adding up and the facts are being exposed also "do I want more horchata or should I chill tf out?"
  9. 🌪
    this one don't mean anything to me i just like the way it looks. just hanging out 🌪