Last year was so shitty!!
  1. I was working 40+ hrs a week as a cashier at a dumb store!!
    Now I work 40+ hrs at the same dumb job running two departments and gaining a lot of experience lol
  2. I was in love!!
    It was getting to the rocky point tho and we had some good nights but also a lot of nights that made me question why I was still just putting up with it. taking a vacation to be with him seemed like a good idea and it was, but that didn't fix anything. It just helped bury it for a few months.
  3. I was depressed!!
    I mean, I still am, but seems as if everyday last year I was planning my suicide and crying because I was so lonely, sad, and heartbroken. A love that was falling apart didn't help, but depression is something I've been dealing with for years so I can't say it was the reason why. I have had better days in the last couple of months but last year was the hardest time I went thru in recent memory.
  4. I had no friends!!
    Being so completely immersed in a long distance relationship and also having anxiety and depression really helps you drop all your friends and then wonder why you have none lmao. Thankfully this year I was able to make a lot more friends and rly have better days.
  5. I was away from my nephew and nieces during the holidays for the first time!!
    Actually they were away. They moved to Kentucky July of 2014 and they weren't with us for tgiving. It was truly one of the toughest experiences not being with them. They left that July and I didn't get to see them until March of 2015. The actual loves of my life. Evan spent the summer with use and the girls got to spend a couple of weeks. They will be here this tgiving tho!!!!!!!! :-))))
  6. I gained a lot of weight!!
    I've always been a chunky bitch but I became a rly chunky bitch last year and gained a lot of weight that I still haven't been able to lose so it really took a toll of how I viewed myself. I have finally found my confidence again and feel a lot better about who I am. I have some rough days but I do love myself so much more now.
  7. I was embarrassed abt being a college dropout!!
    I still am lmfao but now I can say it without wishing I was dead. Honestly I will go back to school one day I just need a few thousand dollas and less anxiety and depression :-))