embroideries I need to finish

witness a detail-oriented person's struggles with consistency through her embroidery UFOs (unfinished objects, as her mom says 👽)
  1. pussy riot
    finishing this up tonight actually ✨ currently missing a pair of boots and a few minor touch ups
  2. a baby pug in a baby swing
  3. the first dancing héloïse letissier of three. this one is BIG. drawn from stills of her video for saint claude
  4. reference photo ^
  5. greyscale rose
  6. album art for mansions' dig up the dead. soo close to being done. so. close.
  7. another big one. album art for lydia's paint it golden. did most of this over summer, it really just needs a few hours of little adjustments. long live an artist's obsession over excruciating detail
  8. album art for bad books' II. this is an old one, I didn't write down a thread color before I ran out (rookie mistake). ended up randomly picking up the right color at the store the other day so I can finally finish this!