my life has derailed and I've spent the last two days watching through every season of rupaul's drag race on hulu for no apparent reason
  1. "impersonating Beyoncé is not your destiny, child"
  2. "fuck, I swallowed glitter"
    to which another queen responded with, "you've swallowed worse"
  3. "maybe it's because she's a spooky bitch"
  4. "these shoes are literally glued to my feet"
  5. "babyface, a pomeranian"
  6. "we're serving carnival pregnancy realness"
  7. "five Gs: good god, get a grip girl"
  8. "as beautiful as the dress was, where's the trash?"
  9. "what I'm doing is the flailing chicken, but not like, a funky chicken. more like a chicken that smells funky"
  10. "lil poundcake enjoys riding dirty and being a straight-up-mother-fucking-dick-pig"
    all hail lil poundcake
  11. "really? a jellyfish was the first thing you thought of? you're fiercer than that"
  12. "it's dirty and earthy," *tone gets a touch more sinister*, "that's kind of my brand"
  13. "you're really going to have to make that character work for the unposh masses"