things my roommate and I have learned about getting away with murder from how to get away with murder ***CONTAINS SPOILERS*** / a collaborative with @ktrust
  1. first off: how to get away with murder, more like how to get away with murder????
  2. am I right? heh heh heh
  3. okay
  4. do: discredit the witness
    a classic strategy
  5. don't: date your clients!! how does this keep happening!!
    because we love the drama, I know
  6. even when your clients look like this...
  7. and this....
  8. do: be really careful running down the stairs so you don't fall over the banister!!
  9. don't: ever end a sentence with "you'll be next!" if you're trying not to look guilty
    seriously, just don't
  10. do: have a secret baby (or cousin). jurors love a secret baby (or cousin)
    direct quote from Annalise Keating: "jurors love a secret baby"
  11. don't: keep searching for the secret baby when someone tells you to stop searching for said secret baby
    he might really suck
  12. do: look like Oliver
    no matter what, you will always be regarded as utterly adorable and not a murderer (I know he is not actually a murder, but it still seems like a good tip)
  13. exhibit A
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  14. B
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  15. C
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  16. do: lie, a lot.
    and constantly! to everyone! always! until the guilt dissolves your soul!
  17. don't: act like a little bitch baby
    direct quote from Conor: "don't act like a little bitch baby"
  18. don't: actually be a murderer