List of things I did today.
  1. Worked out after a very long time.
    All my muscles are sore and my legs hurt.
  2. Wrote my morning pages.
    You just dump everything in your head onto paper.
  3. Went to ikea to check out some furniture.
    Got candles instead.
  4. Had lunch with a friend.
    Meatballs and mashed potatoes.
  5. Went to the mall.
    Walked a lot. It was hot in the mall. Only got water.
  6. Worked and watched Rick and Morty
    Squeak is a really cool human to have a work/chill session with.
  7. Walked to Johnny Rockets because I missed Mellie.
    Couldn't eat so called a car.
  8. Tried getting some plants. And sunflowers for mom.
    Forgot them at the plant store.
  9. Bought two new toys for my cat, Mister Bloo.
    A green dragon and a black and white creature. He likes the creature more.
  10. Watched Bob's Burgers.
    Going to doze off.