Just a bunch of random stuff in my head as I drift in and out of sleep.
  1. Puddles
    Early childhood. It had rained and there were a lot of puddles in my neighborhood. I'd be afraid of them thinking there was an upside down world where if you stepped into a puddle, you'd get stuck inside forever.
  2. Telling my brother bedtime stories
    I'd stay past bedtime, telling my brother stories and he would fall asleep and I would continue unaware that he's not even listening.
  3. Staring at the stars at Wahba Crater
    There was a guy who talked about the most random stuff and I told him he should start a podcast or have his own talk show. Shortly after my friends started podcasting and now they are famous. I listen to them from time to time.
  4. Coconut
    At night before going to bed, my mother would put coconut oil in my hair. Then she braided it. She stopped when I went to grade five. I hated school after grade five. But I still put coconut oil.
  5. Adam
    Adam loves making stuff with his hands and today he did origami with me. We were both blah and it cheered us both up.
  6. JBNB
    Nessreen and I once listened to this Justin Bieber song in his early days. We thought the song was really good. But it was not cool to listen to him in our circle so we made up JBNB (Justin Beiber's Not Bad). Yes, I am listening to Justin beiber's love yourself right now.