1. "Loophole closing and empathy having"
  2. "Background checks and showing some backbone for a god damn change"
  3. "More conscience having and less sound bite saying"
  4. "Stop tweeting and start doing"
  5. "Legislation and removal-of-head-from-one's-own-arse"
  6. "Remember that words have actual meanings so maybe don't spread incendiary lies just a thought"
  7. "Spend less time thinking about how to keep Syrian refugees from getting in and more ways to get the NRA out"
  8. "Remember that morals aren't just something you get to tell other people to have"
  9. "Expand that whole pro-life rah rah thing far beyond my uterus"
  10. "Action and more action"
  11. "Still more action"
  12. "You're not done yet"
  13. "But maybe when you are, thoughts and prayers would be good, too"