Shit that is irrational to be annoyed with, but I'm still annoyed.
  1. Not being able to check into your hotel, even if you arrive before the early-bird check in time.
    Why aren't you prepared to accommodate me arriving earlier than I'm supposed to. Irrational.
  2. Flight delayed at the gate for mechanical issues.
    I still want to leave on time even if I might die because equipment isn't working properly. Irrational.
  3. Connecting rooms.
    That layer of missing insulation makes a difference. I don't want to hear your kids.
  4. Why are pillows so thin in hotels? You need 4 to make one.
    This is not irrational.
  5. Drivers arriving too early or getting to the destination to fast while you are trying to put your shit away.
    Any other time this would not be annoying. Totally irrational.