1. Food. It's delicious and nourishes my body. It keeps me alive and I'm grateful for all the food I eat.
  2. Jesus. He takes my fears and turns it to motivation. He loves me in a way, I hope I learn to love someday.
  3. My mother. My supporter and fan, my inspiration and my best friend.
  4. Being in love. There's nothing that makes me happier than spending time with someone who makes my heart race. Making memories with an exceptional person.
  5. Exercise. Taking a walk, biking with the wind blowing my hair, push-ups and sit-ups. I like to feel my blood rush.
  6. My body. I've worked so hard to get it to where it is and I'm so damn proud of it. I'm not completely in love yet but I'm getting there.
  7. Reading books. experience the world in so many ways.
  8. Dream fulfillment. Getting what you want is always great, and even when you don't get what you want, usually something better happens.
  9. Music. I'd die without you music, my true love.
  10. My bed. No matter what kind of day I have had, where I have been, what I have done. My bed is always there for me to fall into.
  11. My best friends. I love to hug them and laugh with them. To share my life and share my pain. They make me smile so much.
  12. My boys. They keep me sane and remind me not to take everything so seriously and more important, that I'm loved and I've always got them.
  13. My dogs. Any dog ever.
  14. Pizza. I shouldn't have to explain this.
  15. Journaling. Reflect on everything, it's life changing.
  16. Playing piano. It's like a math problem with black and white keys that makes beautiful music
  17. Cookies. Warm, soft. Chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal. Mmmm
  18. Declarations of admiration and love for me. Who doesn't love those? *screenshots*
  19. Emojis. Best invention ever.
  20. Having goals. Somewhere to step when I'm not sure where I'm going.
  21. Writing. New universe just for me. Time to go away.