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They aren't bestsellers but I love them.
  1. Bridget Jones Diary
    I know people say- "I'm like such and such" but I really am like her. I am a proper wally!
  2. Wartime Britain by Juliet Gardner
    It's an era I can relate to and while its factual it's so interesting.
  3. By Myself by Lauren Bacall
    I love her crazy life. I borrowed his from my grandparents and loved it and her.
7 more...
  1. A cannon can universally be marched onto stage at any point in the production
  2. People applaud constantly
  3. Leaning over the barrier to see better is considered poor form
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  1. My sisters reaction to Orlando Blooms todger
  2. The subsequent hilarious conversation post Orlando Bloom photo
  3. My children and nephew coming out with some immense catchphrases
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  1. Assuming everyone around you has a better body than you
  2. Eyebrows
    How does anyone pluck them properly
  3. Side profile
    Never as good as the queen
3 more...
  1. A worker laughed at my jokes
  2. My son can eat their jammy dodgers.
  3. Their cherries were actually nice to eat.
  4. Maple syrup is back!
Highly subjective
  1. Ron Swanson
    Tells it straight, rocks a moustache and knows how to whittle.
  2. Alan Partridge
    "That was textbook"
  3. Mr Thornton
    Northern politics with attitude
7 more...
  1. Didn't notice a can of Coke had exploded in my bag while at beach.
  2. Did not clean bag very well- receipts covered in Coke now stuck to wall of bag.
  3. Lunch at beach- took big cool box, opened said cool box at beach and discovered that I had a lovely lunch- my kids had four types of dairy- and basically nothing else.
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