1. Utah
    Arches National Park specifically. Utah surprised me! It is beautiful and reminds me a lot of Mars because a majority of it is orange and the few people that do live there are weird (Mormons).
  2. Milwaukee Art Museum
    This museum is beautiful and currently has an amazing photography exhibit by Larry Sultan.
  3. Rhode Island
    Narragansett is a great beach town and has A+ clam cakes. As a proud West Coast native I am shamed to admit that the East Coast is pretty too and they also have good food. (West Coast still better)
  4. Denver
    Pretty cool city, would like to go back because I only got to spend 2 days there but they have great donuts, legal weed and pretty mountains, what more could you want?
  5. Joshua Tree National Park
    Very beautiful and interesting to look at but slightly underwhelming if you're the hiking type. There are some great jumbo rocks to climb around on though, which is how I cracked my current phone's screen.
  6. Arizona
    Another surprise beauty! I thought that this desert state was boring, dusty and flat; it's not. I'm obsessed with the cacti and the great mountains and canyons in AZ.
  7. The Dunes
    These sand dunes between AZ and CA are wild! Did not realize these existed until driving past them and pulling over immediately to roll down them like a small child.