these are my thoughts and prayers for the future of one of the prettiest babies out there rn
  1. she will grow up to be a badass feminist
    praying Kimye send her to a hippie private school in LA that teaches her that women and men are equal and all women are beautiful etc. and then she becomes Emma Watson's successor as the UN's personal feminist
  2. she will use her fame for good, not evil
    examples include Audrey Hepburn, Princess Di, etc.
  3. she will realize her parents are crazy and still love them, just like the rest of us
    (not that we all love our crazy parents but that we all love kim and kanye despite everything)
  4. she will be a bad ass fashion icon AS WELL as a great musician
    a la Solange ya know? low-key but still great
  5. she will convince her little brother to go by his middle name
    Saint is a dumb name. If you disagree, you are also dumb.