1. Doing a facemask
  2. Not speaking to my brother
  3. Listening to Taylor Swift's magnum opus "Red"
  4. Watching TV
    Making a Murderer; Mr. Robot; Getting On; You're the Worst; Jessica Jones
  5. Researching Taylor Swift's hidden messages in her album liner notes
  6. Taking a bath
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    Looking like Valerie Cherish
  7. Reading a book about gothic horror and monsters and scary movies and queer theory
    Skin Shows by J. Halberstam 😇
  8. "Getting ready" for the class I'm TA-ing
    Not doing shit
  9. Seeing Fallon and Liz everyday 😊😊🙂
  10. Taking a bath, again
    Living with @meg1 for two years and knowing her going on 4years, her love of baths has rubbed off and will soon result in my skin turning to mushy sludge that will go down the drain to the sewer I came from
  11. Thinking about working out
    and inevitably just thinking about boys who work out
  12. Sleeping past noon and being total garbage
  13. Doing another facemask, while drinking wine
  14. Flirting with my former Bravo/E! addiction
    Real Housewives; Vanderpump Rules; Watch What Happens Live (hi @andycohen 🤗😘); Keeping Up with the Kardashians. FUCKING KILL ME
  15. Researching the lyrics TSwift wrote on her arms during the RED tour
  16. Attempting to summarize "Melancholy Gender/Refused Identification" to my dad
  17. Doing a facemask in a bath
  18. Going to the movies
    Joy; The H8ful Eight; Star Wars; Sisters
  19. Visiting with @andrewjorg in his city and my village
  20. Knocking some books off my "To-Read" list
    The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri; Drown by Junot Díaz; The Little Friend by Donna Tartt; The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson
  21. Drinking my parent's wine
  22. Taking a shower
    Wherein I sit / lie down, as if I'm taking a bath
  23. I, conservatively, estimate that I did a facemask 3x a week
    I don't even care about my skin all that much I just think they are so fucking fun and they relax me and I sleep like a goddamn baby after.
  24. Working on an imprint in my bed
    It's looking great!!!