It's been quick and dirty but here are some highlights from one hour of texting between @meg1 and myself. Pls feel free to guess who said what!!!!
  1. I need to make your blood half of mine
  2. I'm laughing
  3. I miss you so badly
  4. I'll have you know I'm blowing hot acid out my hole rn
  5. He didn't want to infect you both
  6. I'm high and farting a lot
  7. I want to crawl inside you and die and have your body absorb my nutrients
  8. Spider with a fur boa
  9. Imagining you farting while you laugh
  10. Fur boa and a stylish head wrap is what you would wear as a spider singer
  11. Paying for my grilled cheese indulgence with diarrhea
  12. This photo
  13. Can I make a list of some of these texts?
  14. I'm doing it