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Wolfville's Food Film Festival
  1. Confusion and eroticism
    Was just blindfolded eating some lime leaves and other stuff. Am now tripping on what I've been told are all legal ingredients. The scepticism is real.
  2. Chowder
    Award for best chowder goes to Durty Nelly's; a well deserved godly cream substance
  3. Wine
    My taste buds need a hiatus after this weekend but they are liking many things and most of them are wines. Italian Alps be swishing, but Nova Scotia on the up-and-up.
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The restaurant Fresh has a fantastic green tea with maple syrup and something else. I decided to make it! I know what the "something else" is, but some people had trouble deciphering.
  1. Ginger
    This is what it actually is, duh!
  2. Baguette
    Ok, seriously?! As far as this answer goes, you can bag it (baguette)
  3. Pickle
    No, pick(le) another answer
  4. Lemon
    This judgment is a lemon
  1. NBA Season
    Regardless of the heartwarming fact that my Raptors are 3-0, ain't nothing that gets me up in the morning better than last night's highlights all around the league. Of course, with highlights come lowlights and thankfully the critically acclaimed series Shaqtin' A Fool keeps me updated weekly on that front. Also Chef Curry still cooking it up!
  2. Jessie
    She's my dog and she had surgery (but is doing great). Last year Jess tore her back leg, and had to get some mending, and this year she tore the other (baby's got arthritis and has for a while, so both instances were just a matter of time). Nevertheless, with two (somewhat) bionic hind legs she'll be romping around in no time.
  3. Narcissus
    Praised by Leon Battista Alberti as the "first painter," the figure of Narcissus is a cryptic poster-child for everything from representation to fixation. While he may stumble his way into my thesis, Narcissus is on my mind for stranger, non-school-related reasons. I learned that his father, Cephissus, was a river god, and mother Liriope, a (water) nymph. His obsession with staring at himself through the water's reflection thus has me thinking rather psychoanalytically. Hi Dad, Hi Mom, y'know.
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  1. ❄️(snow, street name for cocaine, take twice daily)
  2. ⚡️(a sexual charge; the world is an electric field of libidinal forces and stimuli, ouch!)
  3. 💀(the death drive--you want it but you don't...how'd I get here)
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