1. NBA Season
    Regardless of the heartwarming fact that my Raptors are 3-0, ain't nothing that gets me up in the morning better than last night's highlights all around the league. Of course, with highlights come lowlights and thankfully the critically acclaimed series Shaqtin' A Fool keeps me updated weekly on that front. Also Chef Curry still cooking it up!
  2. Jessie
    She's my dog and she had surgery (but is doing great). Last year Jess tore her back leg, and had to get some mending, and this year she tore the other (baby's got arthritis and has for a while, so both instances were just a matter of time). Nevertheless, with two (somewhat) bionic hind legs she'll be romping around in no time.
  3. Narcissus
    Praised by Leon Battista Alberti as the "first painter," the figure of Narcissus is a cryptic poster-child for everything from representation to fixation. While he may stumble his way into my thesis, Narcissus is on my mind for stranger, non-school-related reasons. I learned that his father, Cephissus, was a river god, and mother Liriope, a (water) nymph. His obsession with staring at himself through the water's reflection thus has me thinking rather psychoanalytically. Hi Dad, Hi Mom, y'know.
  4. Garrison's Honey Lavender Ale
    Ok sadly this one's on my mind for negative reasons. I was real stoked to try this (highly recommended by cool looking cashier at brewery) beer. He was all, "oh yeah it's this like English style, super aromatic, taste, etc, etc." Well it was super disappointing (friends like @bakerkretzmar are not surprised, appealing to the soap and perfume qualities inherent in lavender). What I will say, however, is Garrison's Double Jack Pumpkin is a swoosh (told you basketball is on my mind).
  5. Bread, and the question of Sourdough
    I love moving that dough, and bread in general is the ultimate calming activity. Recently I've been looking to move into the sourdough territory--a risky endeavour but the potential rewards are infinite. More to come.
  6. The Multiverse
    I've been compared to the young Alvy in "Annie Hall," particularly that scene where he, in resignation, exclaims "the universe is expanding." Of course his mother and doctor urge him to stop caring. Currently my version of this is the multiverse, and the thought that there are an inconceivable amount of Jakes out there (many quite similar to myself) having an inconceivably worse time than me. Yes there's also the inverse of this equation, but pains are harder to swallow than pleasures.
  7. Lethargy
    Real talks if I could just not be tired that'd be great. I should definitely eat more greens and the whole vegetarianism thing is probably hurting my iron and omega levels, so I've decided to work in the occasional fish to my diet; albeit I should amp up the nuts and leafs too. This is all, of course, to say, I am set on solving the seemingly incurable phenomena that is "my newly discovered, yet totally pre-conscious obsession with the snooze button."