Honest 'Hamilton' Song Titles

Just throwing this out there... I love Hamilton.
  1. "Alexander Hamilton"- 19 years in 4 minuets
  2. "My Shot"- Overdose Of The Word 'Shot'
  3. "You'll Be Back"- Who The Fuck Is Singing?
  4. "What Comes Next"- Who The Fuck is Singing and Why is He Back?
  5. "Schuyler Defeated" Literal Waste Of Oxygen Vol.1
  6. "Cabinet Battle #1"- The Jefferson Ass Whooping
  7. "Cabinet Battle #2"- Jefferson Still Getting An Ass Whooping
  8. "The Election Of 1800"- The Election Of 2016
  9. "It's Quiet Uptown"- My Child Is Dead
  10. "Best Of Wives and Best Of Women"- Literal Waste Of Oxygen Vol.2
  11. "One Last Time"- See Ya Later Alligator
  12. "Say No To This"- That Was A Mistake
  13. "What'd I Miss"- Jazz Song In a Hip Hop Musical
  14. "Non-Stop"- Some How Longer Then 'My Shot'
  15. "Washington On Your Side"- I Have A Man Crush On Washington
  16. "A Winter's Ball"- A Literal Waste Of Oxygen Vol.3
  17. "Yorktown"- 'Murica
  18. "Stay Alive (Reprise)"- Apparently I Can Cry