12.13 Prep

FW 16 look book
  1. Attendees at blackandwhite : 1gina 2 @Lkrysti 3fatima 4hannah 5kyle 6jahna 7kylee 8christian 9emily 10peter ///// observing teammates, friends, extra helping hands, industry. 11anna 12hatmake 13jared 14jess 15steven(owner) 16kerriganmaybe 17daune 18atmosfereplusonemaybe 19kathrynbumbershootmaybe 20stephanielakemaybe
  2. Bottled water, Rose, OJ, avocado, red pepper or apple, beer, v8, salt and pepper, bakery bread + GF, cream cheeses +DF, coffee, cream sugar. Pizza:Galactic/Luce. Garbage and recycle, paper towels and plates. Knife, cups
  3. Location AM blackandwhitestudiomsp. 9am call. 1(9)KyleHMU.shoot. 2(920)hannah HMU. 3(10)Shoot 5 looks together with Kyle, Gina HMU 4(11)kyle break.Only shoot Hannah 5 looks . 5(12) 3-4 last looks Hannah. 6(1) lunch ------ make sched on a poster board hang on wall.
  4. 130 pack up. 2 drive. 230 unpack and test. 3 shoot UMN pool. 415 last, wrap, pack . 5 depart
  5. Steven buildout | blackandwhite painted plywood hung | stool and or box
  6. Chairs and a card table
  7. Mirror
  8. Pink sharpie lyrics to wynken blynken and nod. Pretty.
  9. Character movement. Print and tape to wall
  10. the address is: 3224 Bloomington Ave S Minneapolis MN 55407 Newly renovated one level studio in a (mostly) housing neighborhood. You'll see us inside as you walk up. Signage along the top of the windows is painted black and white with the word "studio" across it.
  11. Main sail and jib on wall
  12. Garment rack and steamer x 2 @house_ginamarie and @Lkrysti
  13. Layout
  14. Nibble food and supplies