My brother has a running joke with me that I've now adopted whenever I talk about something that is not particularly interesting or has nothing to do with anything, it's just more of a PSA. That it should be a chapter in my book. Here are those chapters.
  1. Can I order off the kids menu?
    Adults like chicken nuggets too.
  2. Am I getting on your nerves yet?
    Because I'm already annoyed with me.
  3. Is Chick-fil-a twice a day bad?
    What about three days in a row?
  4. No sauce please.
    Unless it's Chick-fil-a sauce, bitches love Chick-fil-a sauce.
  5. If I have $30 on my credit card and spend $29 on food, I can go over my limit and still get a full tank of gas!
    How to make it till payday.
  6. Coming to terms with the fact that my eyebrows will never be on "fleek" and my only hope is that the make-up I wear makes me look a little less tired.
    And why I'll never give up my glasses, they help hide my dark circles. And I need them to see.
  7. I like to smile, like way too much, but thank you for complimenting my smile.
    Watch me smile awkwardly now that you said something.
  8. That time I'd rather forget as a graphic designer for a male driven shoe store.
    Learning just how deep my anxiety and depression goes. Alice ain't got shit on this rabbit hole.
  9. Yes, I was really born on July 4th.
    No, it's not that exciting. And I got tired of that joke about the fireworks being for me and everyone celebrates my birthday a long time ago.