I am getting back into chess. (The sexiest sentence that was ever read by anyone)
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    Does anyone on List App play?
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    I play on a great app called:
    @Seth plays too!
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    Come play chess!
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    Fun fact about me: the only reason I know how to play chess is because I joined my high school's chess team because I found out you could get out of class to play in tournaments during the school year. So I joined and learned and ended up liking chess. A lot.
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    I haven't played in a loooong time, but over the past couple months have gotten super into it again.
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    OK. Come play chess with me!!
    Username: HowieeK
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    P. S. @list I can't stress enough how much I would LOVE to be able to use bitmojis on here.
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    Ok! Bye!