I like to list before I go to bed
  1. I'm not sure why, but I do it in-between chess moves lately.
    I play chess on an app: chess.com. My username is HowieeK. pls play me!
  2. Is it: in between, or is it: in-between?
  3. Anyway, I like listing. Lately I'm more reading them and LOVING reading them
    @list what if there was a LOVE button and a LIKE button?! How interesting and passive aggressive.
  4. In a weird way it's good therapy. I like seeing that everyone is just like me; dealing with shit, having fun experiences, having weird BMs.
    Theirs a wide gambit of lists on here
  5. Anyway. I have to make a chess move. Everyone on here is a total beaut.
  6. Okay!
  7. Bye!
  8. P. S. Please allow bitmojis. Is that possible?