These are shows I plan on watching or AM watching
  1. Gotham
    The entire series is recorded on my DVR. Imma get to it I swear.
  2. iZombie
    There I said it. It feels better to admit I am oddly into this show. I am starting it this week.
  3. Orphan Black
    Season 3. Finishing it up. She's so incredibly talented.
  4. American Dad
    Watch every week religiously. (And reruns)
  5. Louie
    Have red started this season yet.
  6. Wayward Pines
    Loving it so far. At the point where it's either going to be fantastic or supes annoying. Fingers crossed.
  7. The Comedians
  8. Lip Sync Battle
    I am proud to say I love this show. It's just silly and fun. Good show to watch while you're returning emails or social networking..
  9. The last few episodes of Letterman
    Watched. Loved. Saved. Will never erase.