1. A spray bottle
    To spray my cat Gretyl when she tries to wake me up at 5am for food. Usually buys me 2-3 40 min MINI-REMs 😒🔫
  2. Five books
    From bottom to top: Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar, When You Are Engulfed in Flames (David Sedaris), The Power of Myth (Joseph Campbell), Poking a Dead Frog (Mike Sacks), Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenseon)
  3. A black pen
    To write shit down when I wake up with thoughts
  4. A baseball
    Mark McGwire tossed it to me at a Cardinals game in 1998
  5. My eye glasses holder
  6. A picture cube
    With pictures of my cats, fam and friends
  7. A lunch box set filled with five Thomas the Train PEZ dispensers.
    I collect PEZ dispensers
  8. A rock I saved for some reason
  9. A penny I saved for some reason
  10. A small treasure chest I put coins in
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  11. A tiny toy giraffe
  12. A tiny toy raccoon
  13. A tiny toy rhino
  14. A tiny toy ape
  15. A university of Michigan PEZ dispenser
  16. A gargoyle my best friend got me from Asia
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  17. A Buddha statue my best friend got me in Asia and is supposed to protect me or bring me good luck or something.
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  18. Part of a gavel
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    From when I was president of my fraternity in college.
  19. A bendy reading lamp
  20. A tiny toy skateboard
  21. Random business cards
  22. 2 Bazooka wrappers from Israel