We're all just trying to follow our dreams and do our best, and sometimes you fail. And that's okay!
  1. This failure will open a new door, a big ass glass sliding door like one you would see in Entourage.
    Not getting the thing allows us to do other things that we love and in turn that will lead us to a more successful path.
  2. Learning is everything
    This failure (and every failure) should teach you something. Come away with knowledge you can use in your journey of this thing you're doing that you love.
  3. Strong as hell
    You're following your dreams, you're gunna need to be strong because anything worth doing is gonna be hard AF. And to take it on, you're going to need to be strong as hell, boiiiiii/gurrrllll!
  4. Eat like your 11
    When you get bad news, allow yourself to feel. AKA allow yourself to pig out. You worked hard. You deserve that milkshake, fries and 2nd milkshake!