Jury's still out on whether online dating will make the cut.
  1. Eating more veggies
    The past few weeks have been rough physically, emotionally, and yes, nutritionally. 16-hour days meant most of my food came in a wrapper for the past few weeks. So now I'm letting that season go, and reintroducing actual food into my life. Did you know that roasted carrots can be so good, you'll actually cry when you eat them?
  2. Getting my teaching credential
    I want to build a life that matters. Teaching youth arts is what I do to feed my soul; time to pursue it as a full-time vocation. It's the only time I feel like where I'm supposed to be. I think I've found a program that will let me do this online, ideal for my life in the middle of Brigadoon and Mayberry.
  3. Saying "no" more often
    For a time, I was really good at this - I used to fiercely guard my time, energy and resources, and excelled at setting boundaries. However, bit by bit, I gave in to the need to fix it, to be the big shoulders, to be the lynchpin. And then recently life kicked my butt eight ways to Sunday, and I realized just how far I strayed from my intentional self. No more.
  4. Drinking more water
    No big explanation here, just drinking more water. Might as well stock up like a camel before California runs out (yes, I know that's not how it works).