i had to go through a lot for these and came across a lot of pictures of people hanging out without me so i need to go cool off. hope it was worth it.
  1. 1.
    i had a migraine when this was taken
  2. 2.
    this is my 8th grade bf (i deleted my tag the day we broke up)
  3. 3.
    in our 8th grade sex ed unit, they gave us this handout and my friend Kat thought it would be funny to tag everyone in it. i was the male condom and i deleted it cause i was afraid my mom would see
  4. 4.
    this doesn't seem that bad but i removed the tag bc of the face i was making
  5. 5.
    the face I was making
  6. 6.
    the face i was making
  7. 7.
    this is at our hs prouduction of footloose where my hair looked like a hasidic rabbi's hair. i'm giving an award to my math teacher who was IN THE SHOW (that still blows my mind)
  8. 8.
    #creepyjokesweirdfacesyepthatsus as though we were the first to do either of those things. we OWN weird faces
  9. 9.
    i remember asking this bitch to take down this picture so many god damn times
  10. 10.
    i'm the one in the orange red vs blue shirt (my hair is covering most of the logo but it's still there). i think i was twitching from social anxiety which is why my body is contorted the way that it is
  11. 11.
    i can't tell if i'm chewing or if that's just how my face looked when people talked to me
  12. 12.
    shoes. ~artsy~ i'm glad she kept the flash on
  13. 13.
    these were not my glasses. this was my face tho
  14. 14.
    i'm pointing to literally nothing why was this my pose