1. flounder
    this motherfucker is best friends with a maniac and is too afraid to say when he's uncomfortable. good thing that bitch grew legs and walked away from this friendship so our boy didn't die of stress
  2. argus filch
    ok filch is an asshole and pulls some nasty shit BUT he has been dealt the worst hand anyone could have in this series. he is born into a magical society full of whimsy WITHOUT magical powers which I know is the kind of bull shit that would happen to me
  3. hoggle
    a solid dude just trying to live, but when david bowie, the KING OF THE GOBLINS, tells you to befriend and manipulate a teenage girl, you can't really say no. luckily he makes the right call and joins sarah which gets him an invitation to a sick ass dance party in the human world at the end of the movie so that's pretty dope
  4. the middle simba
    no longer cute, not yet a hero, he's also 100% smelling pumbaa's butt in this pic, don't even play
  5. jar jar binks
    jjbiz says a lot of shit in group scenes that people just straight up ignore like yeah he doesn't speak English per se but you all know what he meant. plus he's got a weird floppy body with hands like dead fish and when I look at him I only see myself.