1. Mom
    I got my mom a DVD copy of "Snow Dogs"! I didn't know if she had seen it yet, but it seems like the kind of movie she would like. Great story. Laughs. and the ALWAYS charming Cuba Gooding Jr. She looked so happy when she opened it up and she gave me a big hug and I could tell she couldn't wait to watch it.
  2. Dad
    for Christmas, I got for my dad a copy of the movie "Snow Dogs" on blueray! my dad mentioned one time that it would be cool to have a blueray, so I wanted to make sure that they owned this movie on whatever their preferred movie-playing device is. Jury's still out on the blueray- I don't know if they'll end up getting it, but if they do they already have the first film for their collection!!!
  3. Brother
    So backstory: my bro gives the BEST presents. Every year. Literally SO thoughtful. So I said Caroline you gotta step up your game this year, so I decided to go all out and get my brother something he's really going to enjoy. I put a lot of thought into it and finally landed on getting him "Snow Dogs" (DVD film). When he opened it and saw what was inside, he beamed and said that he could tell I worked really hard on my presents this year :) I love when my family is happy with me
  4. Uncle Hank
    This year for Christmas I gave my Uncle Hank my savings account. He is my best friend.