a lot of my pals were doing Good Things About 2016 lists, so I decided to do one about the most important thing in my life
  1. The Last Man On Earth: Pitch Black
    When LMoE started I watched the pilot because I knew Sudeikis was Forte's friend and surely he'd turn up eventually, and in the first (?) episode, sure enough Sudeikis turns up in a photo of Phil Miller's family. I watched every ep waiting for more. Episode 11 of season 2 legit made me waiting worthwhile. It was so good. When I die my last words will be about him not winning an Emmy for this.
  2. Good Girls Revolt
    Fuck the Amazon guy who cancelled this show. This show had EVERYTHING I could have asked for in a show plus Hunter Parrish's gentle smile and Amazon took it away from me. I will never forgive them.
  3. The West family (the Flash)
    Joe and Iris and Wally West (plus Barry) are the best and cutest and most loving family. I'll fight you about this.
  4. Speechless
    Continuing on from the West Family, the DiMeo family are also the best family on television. If you're not watching this show you're wrong.
  5. BrainDead
  6. Late Night with Seth Meyers
    I've watched every episode of LNSM, and I've defended it since it's very first episode but this was LNSM's YEAR. I'm so proud.
  7. Winston Bishop in New Girl
    Winston Bishop has been one of the best things about television since New Girl first started, he's my fave fictional character and Lamorne Morris deserves a better show that gives him more screen time. (Lamorne Morris deserves a Winston Bishop spin-off with Aly (Nasim Pedrad) his best pal CeCe (Hannah Simone)
  8. David S Pumpkin
    I don't care what you say, this sketch was funny as heck, and still makes me laugh. I love silly things.
  9. The Get Down
    Hey, I loved Stranger Things but this is My Fave Netflix Series of 2016. Watch it so people know we love it and want a buncha seasons.
  10. Pitch
    This show and Ginny Baker made 2016 better. The world was bleaker without it.
  11. The DC four episode crossover
    I've put four years of my life intk the Arrowverse just waiting for a crossover with all my faves AND IT HAPPENED. AND IT WAS GOOD. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.
  12. Giving up on The Late Late Show with James Corden
    fuck that show.