Happy Endings and Pushing Daisies go without saying.
  1. Almost Human
    Karl Urban is a deeply trouble policeman and Michael Ealy was a robot. They are both dreamboats. What more could you ask for. (but also, a lot of the time cop shows are boring as heck, this wasn't.)
  2. Alphas
    Ryan Cartwright played my favourite character (Vincent Nigel Murray) in Bones and I was sad when he left, but it was okay because Alphas was SUCH A GOOD SHOW and then it got cancelled and Vincent couldn't even come back to Bones.
  3. BrainDead
    I put off publishing this list because I knew this was going to get cancelled and it truly deserves a spot on this list. BrainDead was the most fun I've had watching a TV show for ages. I was already really enjoying it and then in one episode there was a scene involving a song from the Partridge Family that made me fall in love with BrainDead
  4. The Carrie Diaries
    This show was cute and Kyddshaw is forever.
  5. Enlisted
    This show was a precursor to 2014: the Year of the RomCom because it was released in the 2014 mid-season and got us ready for a bunch of real cute half-hour comedies based on people loving each other a lot. The Hill brothers might actually be my favourite fictional brothers.
  6. Good Girls Revolt
    I waited so long for this show and I loved it so so much and every damn reviewer who compared it to Mad Men is on my shitlist.
  7. Hindsight
    A timetravel show where the two main characters are women SET IN THE NINETIES? truly my dream show. And what a tease? It was renewed for a second season and THEN cancelled? Wtf VH1.
  8. In the Flesh
    I'll be honest with you, I was late to this show because I am afraid of zombies and I had to wait for a friend to watch it and tell me if it was Chill Zombies or Decidedly Not Chill Zombies. [stefon voice] this show had everything: lbgtq characters, zombies, lbgtq zombies, the ability to make me cry at the drop of a hat
  9. Limitless
    When will Jake McDorman get a show that lasts more than one season? (other than Greek, obviously)
  10. Manhattan Love Story
    2014 was the best year because it gave us a million cute happy fun romcoms series and then 2014 was the worst year because it cancelled all of them. (Manhattan Love Story was another victim of the Jake McDorman curse)
  11. Marvel's Agent Carter
    Agent Carter was better than Agents of SHIELD and Hayley Atwell deserves better.
  12. Minority Report
    This show was so dorky and I loved it.
  13. Pan Am
    Pan Am finished in mid-Februaru 2012 and was cancelled mid-May 2012, I checked EVERY DAMN DAY between then to see if it had been renewed. Like, honestly, if it was made now everyone would be all over it because of Margot Robbie.
  14. Selfie
    Selfie was the saddest loss in 2014: the year of the RomCom, what more could we ask for than John Cho as a romantic lead?
  15. Sirens (US)
    Yo, this show had asexual representation and I miss it hard.
  16. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
    I liked this more than 30 Rock. Fight me. (don't fight me)