New to this app? Here are some ideas on what to do for your first list!
  1. Top 10 sites to browse when you're bored at work
    I'm guessing most of you just watch porn.
  2. Top 10 favorite animals to see when you go to the zoo
    I'm thinking you should avoid shamu on this one
  3. Top 10 reasons to eat cheese
    I've just been made aware of the lack of a cheese emoji! Talk to your congress representatives about this please
  4. Top 10 favorite cat memes
    If you're really creative you won't even use grumpy cat
  5. Top 10 restaurants to visit when visiting a certain place
    Are you traveling to a place with restaurants anytime soon! @InaGarten would love to hear about it
  6. Top 10 most shameful bags of fast food to carry in public
    My yoga instructor once caught me with a bag of Taco Bell before yoga was a bad choice
  7. Top 10 most embarrassing sneezes in your life
    My number 3 involves blood coming out of my eyes
  8. Top 10 best nicktoons pre spongebob
    Come on millennials, it's not that difficult
  9. Top 10 restaurants in a Walmart
    Hint: it's always McDonald's
  10. Top 10 lists to make for your first list
    You can do this one, but it's kind of unoriginal in my opinion