1. Welcome to Berlin, we hate you!
    jk Berlin is great
  2. Berlin felt a bit empty. Like the space was too big for the amount of people there.
  3. But there's good shopping and food!
    It's also Euro 2016, so the bars were pretty lively. TV's everywhere for the games.
  4. Brandenburg Gate is where the free walking tour started.
    Pretty much everything in Berlin was reconstructed after WWII, except this Gate. All the bombs missed it.
  5. The tour was three hours, but it flew by!
  6. The Holocaust Memorial was really powerful.
    The artist was vague about its meaning, so everyone has a different experience. It was inspired by the Jewish cemetery in Prague.
  7. It was creepy seeing some old idealistic socialism murals.
    Berlin obviously did not look like this.
  8. Here's some of the wall for my mom
  9. Here's this, do with it what you will
  10. After Orlando, the Berlin Wall felt even more powerful.
    "Those who want the world to remain as it is, doesn't want the world to remain at all."
  11. I learned so much history in Berlin, and that's what this trip is about.
    I learned things from the 20th century that isn't taught in American schools, and I understand German culture better.
  12. German people are kind, and they put their crimes in the light to apologize for them. Their honesty with the past makes for a brighter future.
  13. Many small people in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world.
    Inspiring and always true.
  14. In yet another dark time in America, I'm grateful for these words in Berlin.
  15. Off to Prague to learn more history. This part of my trip is way cool.
  16. Here's me and a bear.
    Ending on a note of joy.