For @shacara_shacara and her first winter in Boston.
  1. It is going to be the worst thing you've ever experienced in your life.
    Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I don't care if it's an El Niño year, I don't care if it's global warming, it's gonna be bad. It might not be long, but it will be BAD. But it's important to get yourself mentally prepared. It's a major survival priority.
  2. Get an embarrassingly long puffy coat. This is me two years ago, and it goes down to my ankles. Keeps the predators away ✌️
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  3. Always keep a hair tie on you.
    Keep your hair down when you walk, it is an essential neck warmer. But the minute you get inside, you are going to be fiercely warm. Put that hair up off your sweaty, sweaty neck.
  4. You will wear the same shoes every day for four months, so make sure they're comfortable.
    And not clunky. You'll wanna feel okay walking into a restaurant and sitting down.
  5. Store up food before a big storm.
    This is a no-brained, but essential. Perhaps way before a storm so the store shelves don't look like an apocalypse.
  6. Identify your blizzard buddies.
    The trains will not work. There will be nothing open. Know who your friends are.
  8. If other schools are cancelling class, know that yours probably will too.
    They might be the last to do it, but they will.
  9. Get fleece lined tights.
    For dresses, sure, but also under your jeans. Mainly for under your jeans.
  10. It will look scary outside.
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    No trains. No cars. Nothing open. But it just makes a good set for a snow-toshoot.
  11. During those blizzards, do something that is not on computer.
    Play games! Read a book! Go outside like the wild child you are!
  12. It's going to take a toll on your body.
    It is HARD to walk in the wind and the snow. There will truly be mountains of snow you have to climb. MOUNTAINS.
  13. No picture will fully capture what you're going through.
    Your friends and family will never truly comprehend your struggle. Language does a better job than pictures.