1. The Edinburg Castle is at the top of the Royal Mile.
    Another hill. Very hilly city, reminds me of home in San Francisco. That's pretty much where the similarities stop though.
  2. Front of the castle.
    The sign reads: "No one provokes me without punishment." 😳
  3. I'm Scottish and a Gryffindor, so I think we can say JK loved Scotland most.
    Speaking of which, check out my POTTER TRAIL LIST! EDINBURGH RECAP - POTTER TRAIL!
  4. This is Bob. He is memorialized throughout Edinburgh.
    He helped the military at the frontline of battle by chasing after cannon balls. His collar has a medal of bravery on it.
  5. Queen Mary of Scots is bae.
    She killed a lot of people and also maybe (probably) her husband. And was made queen when she was six days old. So. #goals
  6. Here's me looking fondly into the eyes of my husband.
  7. Here's a 900 year old altar.
  8. Here's me at a soldier's watch.
    I'm so cute, honestly.
  9. You can't take any pictures of the Crown Jewels.
  10. All in all, I learned how badass the Scottish military is.
    There are a lot of museums inside of the castle, so expect to be there for a while. And get some whiskey at the tasting room up top! I had a delicious whiskey cream liquor that I can't stop thinking about.
  11. Tickets are around 18£, and you should definitely buy them in advance.
  12. Go forth and conquer all the lands.