Guys, everyone should do this. It's only four times a week, so plan accordingly.
  1. Most people don't know about the Potter Trail.
  2. Sure, they know about Elephant House, where JK wrote some of the early books.
  3. BUT did you know there is a FREE WALKING TOUR to all the inspirational spots throughout Edinburgh?
    "No!!! Tell me more!!!" -all of you
  4. Led by a real live wizard!
    And he gives out wands. But I didn't get one because there wasn't enough. I poured A LOT.
  5. I won't give most of the tour away, but you should know you get to see Lord Voldemort's grave.
  6. And cry at JK's handprints for her Edinburgh Award.
  7. We're both Gryffindor and dating now
    Shilpa is a Hufflepuff, which is so glaringly obvious by her putting up with me and my severe competition during the house points challenge.
  8. Me crying at the Elephant House.
    They also don't allow wifi there because they say "you have to talk to each other."
  9. The bathrooms are COVERED in graffiti.
    The Potter Pilgrimage.
  10. And that's that. I think I'm going to start a button collection on my pack during this trip. Easier than carrying around a bunch of souvenirs, for sure.