Wait this is fun
  1. I am a scarf
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  2. All I have ever been is a scarf
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  3. "Let's send a picture to my mother, but also show her that I can feed myself"
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  4. This is not me
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  5. This is also not me??
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  6. We drove to a pumpkin match and it was v exciting
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  7. MGH thought I was a disease
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  8. this is real this is me this is exactly who I'm supposed to be
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  9. I once slept on a sidewalk in 18 degree weather for two hours to get tickets to Pippin. #worthit #babyimworthit #whateverthatsongis #itsalwaysstuckinmyhead
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  10. Here are my Christmas pajamas you're welcome
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  11. Sorry for spamming I am done now