@alexrichwood is v #relatable
  1. This is my friend, Alex
    We've known each other for perhaps a decade, perhaps a generation
  2. He's funny like me
    Hilarious! Five stars!
  3. Here's a golden pic of us in high school
  4. Here's us blurry and hating New York
  5. All I wanted was his validation and acceptance in high school because he was so much cooler than me
    I raced him on the highway one time
  6. He makes me sing Defying Gravity whenever I see him so he can check my progress in school
  7. He used to give me a song assignment every week for me to sing and then he would grade me
    I had high marks
  8. He's an accountant??? I'm not sure why???
  9. If you love me at all, you will follow him
    Please love me