I have stayed up far too late to write in your yearbooks and go down the rabbit hole of looking at new friends' profiles.
  1. Goodnight, List App
  2. Goodnight, men shouting drunkenly outside my window.
  3. Goodnight, @Fitz the revolutionary yearbook maker.
  4. Goodnight, @emmalinghwei and @haymay who are not in the apartment with me for another week.
  5. Goodnight, @shacara_shacara and her Harry Styles body pillow.
  6. Goodnight, back pain from trying to put a lamp together and failing.
  7. Goodnight, matching plaid pajamas.
  8. Goodnight, Sleep With Me podcast.
  9. Goodnight, you.
  10. And at 1:07, Hannah drifted off to sleep in her comfy bed. Home from a long holiday journey, back to her sweet Boston.
    Shhhhhh. She's sleeping. And so should you, young whippersnapper.