1. Guys, I ended my trip early.
  2. I was miserably anxious in Venice, and it wasn't helping my mental health.
    I will do a separate list about travel and mental health at some point.
  3. And y'know what? This trip was ultimately a vacation.
  4. And when a vacation becomes a chore or harder than regular life, you shouldn't have to do it anymore.
  5. And I am SO relieved to be home, and that's how I know I made the right decision.
  6. It made me appreciate Boston and my community here.
    I love this city more than any in the world. Visiting other cities is incredible, but I learned I only want to live in Boston.
  7. I'll have plenty of travel related lists now, but I'm excited to do regular title waves and funny lists again.
    Like I can be part of the community without recap responsibilities. Although I loved doing them!
  8. Now being done with school and traveling, I'm ready for the next adventure of regular adult life.
  9. Let's go.