@shacara_shacara are in it to WIN IT when it comes to trivia. Here are the people I would want on our team:
  1. Bill Belichick
    We are in desperate need of a sports person on our team. All I know about this man is I am 85% sure he's the coach of the Patriots, so I think he'll know sports??? But maybe only football??? Whatever, he's local.
  2. Cassandra
    Cassandra is a sixteen year old girl who will know a lot about current pop culture. She will inevitably get in the way of my self confidence, but I can make a sacrifice for the team.
  3. Pat Benetar
    Honestly, what is she up to these days??? Bet she's free. Bet she also knows the top 40 singles from 1980-1992.
  4. My mom
    She is really good at seventies and eighties television. And maybe she'll buy my beer.
  5. Luke
    He's the really cute guy that I see in the bakery all the time, and I'm sure he's smart and witty and wants to marry me.
  6. Justin Timberlake
    He'll know all of our 1992-2010 trivia. Pat Benetar will pass the baton to JT. Also interested to see him and Luke duke it out for my hand.
  7. My seventh grade geography teacher
    Mrs. Brinnon I think??? Whatever her name was, she was damn good at teaching geography. I trust that woman.
  8. Yentl
    My hairdresser. Just wanna get to know her better.