Y'all give it up for yo ladiezzzz
  1. @emmalinghwei is my roommate of three years and I don't know where I'd be without her.
  2. Kayla left Boston a couple weeks ago and won't get list app, but she's such a beautiful person and she gon do big big things 🙌
  3. Elissa is essentially my twin sister and we've seen a lotta good days and bad days together.
  4. Michelle is my mom that's a fact truly an incredible woman
  5. My other roommate Hayley who deleted list app and I hate her but also she's been such a joy to be with since I've met her and life is good with her in it
  6. My cousin Savannah pulls me up and keeps me grounded and always has my back
  7. My cousin Sara is one of the strongest people I know and is definitely the cool cousin.
  8. @shacara_shacara in the best picture that has ever been taken of either of us. She is SO GOOD and I can talk to her about anything and she gets it and me and she rules
  9. Lauren is my whiskey buddy. Look at her eyebrows! They are SO COOL! LIKE HER!
  10. Amanda is a fashion designer in Paris and she makes me feel cool when I talk about her and I'm gonna see her in June wow
  11. The most recent picture of me and @tippy??? My mom??? She's fun she's hip she's cooler than your mom that's a fact
  12. And so many others. I am so grateful to have an abundance of joyful, graceful, bold women in my life.