@kkouchi is the coolest girl!!!
  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Katie!
  2. You are such a passionate person, and I really love how much you love people
  3. You come across as very grounded and sensible, which are 🌟 qualities
  4. We both love music and photography and art and humans
  5. We both have guilty pleasures for Justin Bieber and 1D
    Let's shout from the rooftop sometime, it'll feel liberating.
  6. I hope you make more lists because it's been a while, lady friend!! And you make good ones!! And I'm excited to follow you!!
  7. I hope you're having a beautiful day wherever you are, and that the people around you are treating you like a queen
    Whether they are romantic interests or not, you deserve people who love you!!!
  8. 💗💓💞💕
  9. 💝💖💘
  10. ❣❤️❣
  11. 💜💙💚💛
  12. 💟
  13. Love to you all day all year!
  14. Hannah