And onto a quick one night in Manchester.
    Please calm down, sir.
  2. I scheduled myself three nights in Liverpool, and I'm not sure why.
    It can easily be done in one day. I kept myself busy with shows at night however.
  3. Also, don't stay at Hatters Hostels Liverpool.
    It's dirty and janky and there weren't enough people to hang out with. But that might not be their fault. And their bar is only open on the weekends. I want my pint on a Tuesday, dammit!
  4. The library was fun!
    I mean, as fun as a library can be.
  5. They had a great exhibit with some of Shakespeare's volios.
    Did you know they used to put small picture cards of Shakespearean play illustrations in cigarette boxes to keep them stiff? They were later turned into collector items because DUH TINY HAMLET CARDS!!!
    Pretty cheap tickets, and they have a bistro connected. Wish I knew that beforehand. I saw a great new play called Mouse The Persistence of an Unlikely Thought. It was a great energy in the audience, who were mostly people under the age of 40. Theatre is important! See it often!
  7. A beautiful day at Albert Dock!
    I have been very lucky with weather on this trip. Knock on wood.
  8. Beatles Story Museum
    I don't think I'm a big enough Beatles fan to have paid £12 for a twenty minute walk through. It was fine, but it probably means more to bigger Beatles fans.
  9. Note: don't believe underground cafés when they say they have wifi.
    They don't.
  10. Tate Gallery
    Beautiful, and not all the modern art was weird! Free entry.
  11. This was a great exhibit!
    I had to include this picture because I simply can't spell her name.
  12. She makes women have curves??? What????
  13. Liverpool Playhouse - Merry Wives of Windsor
    Guys, British people know how to do Shakespeare. It's like in their blood or something.
  14. It's a bit more expensive because it's mainstream.
    However! Always check if they have "concession tickets." I just learned that these are prices for seniors and students. If you have a student card, take advantage of it!
  15. The Playhouse has a long and cool history.
    And a good bar.
  16. I've hung out with a lot of old people on this trip, but I think it's because I am the only twenty something at the theatre and they gravitate towards me.
  17. I geeked out about the first female general manager of the theatre and cried about it??
    I think I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. Arts administration is important to me.
  18. Liverpool things include:
  19. Stag and Hen parties
    AKA Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. But they were totally wasted at 1:30 in the afternoon and very loud. THERE WERE SO MANY OF THEM.
  20. I found it to be pretty dirty, at least in the neighborhood I was in.
    Albert Dock was pretty and well kept.
  21. Most things are free.
  22. Pubs that do not serve food are very popular.
    I found this in Edinburgh as well. I am not used to not being able to find food at 9pm.
  23. Things open late and close early.
    The U.K. is generally a working class sleepy town environment.
  24. All in all, not really the city for me.
    Not every city suits everybody and that's okay.
  25. Off to Manchester!
    Which I'm expecting to be very similar, but it's only one night. Stay tuned.