1. Say hi to Andy J and Susie, joining us for the back half of London.
  2. Dinner: Brick Lane
    Brick Lane is a series of mostly Indian restaurants where the owner will stand outside and haggle with you for your patronage. You end up spending ten pounds for two drinks and four courses in total. So, that's pretty incredible.
  3. Walked around a bit, saw this outside, cried
    It opened the day we left and I am UPSET.
  4. Went to the Experimental Cocktail Club in Chinatown
    It's a ~secret~ bar.
  5. Did that tour bus life
  6. Beefeater tour at Tower of London
    What a guy, so sassy. Very fun!
  7. Can't take any pictures of the Crown Jewels but they're great, guys.
  8. A painting of flowers made of flowers!!!
  9. Apple Market is a cute little antique market.
    Mom got spoons. She always gets spoons.
  10. Kinky Boots on the West End
    So fun!!!
  11. Did this
  12. They are SO CUTE
  13. Mom and Queen E have the same birthday, coincidence???
  14. High Tea at Harrods
    We loved
  15. Winston Churchill War Rooms
    Underrated tourist attraction. Pretty cool!
  16. Essentially, do all the tourist stuff. We didn't even get to it all, and I was exhausted.
  17. Here's me and Nelson Mandela.
  18. I'm in Paris now.