Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Guys, hold on to your hats. Because this story is the best story I have in my life. And it is true, I promise.
  2. I was 16 years old.
  3. I went to London and Paris with my grandparents for spring break.
  4. On our last night in Paris before returning back to the States, we went to a small cafe a few blocks away from our hotel.
  5. A waiter comes up to me, and in very broken English, he says:
  6. "Excuse me, miss, but you're beautiful"
  7. Then he brings over another waiter/English translator friend to tell me I was as beautiful as the sun.
  8. And the sun is PRETTY BEAUTIFUL guys.
  9. So as we're about to leave, he asks me for my number.
  10. I ask him if he has a paper and pen, motioning with my hands.
  11. He takes me downstairs to the kitchen (I know).
  12. It's the two of us and the manager, who also admits to being in love with me.
  13. The manager translates for us:
  14. "When are you leaving??"
  15. "Tomorrow!!"
  16. "Tomorrow evening at least??"
  17. "No, tomorrow morning!!"
  18. And then he was all sad and said something in French.
  19. I said, "I don't know what that means!"
  20. He said it again.
  21. "I still don't know what that means!"
  22. Then he KISSED ME.
  23. I pulled away, "my grandparents are upstairs"
  24. "Once more," he said.
  25. He kissed me AGAIN.
  26. And then I ran up to my grandparents as if nothing happened.
  27. And that's my first kiss story.
  28. Not how I was murdered by two Frenchmen in a kitchen basement, which is also how this could've ended.
  29. So. I'm glad about that.