1. you brought me here and it's dumb and I love you for it I hate you I love you bye
  2. Just the cutest and sweetest lil button this world ever did see.
  3. I feel weird about how cool you are and that I want your approval????
  4. Great lists and very funny wow
  5. @nathanveshecco
    I would never stop high giving you if I ever met you
  6. Wow truly has revolutionized this all for the better
  7. Okay we've never interacted but your lists are the best things I've ever read and I read them to my roommates all the time and you're cute like sorry about it???
  8. Where have you been I miss you
  9. Seriously you are so nice and cool what bye
  10. We just met and now we're friends and it's neat thank you @lesbian
  11. Um post stuff seriously wow love you
  12. You guys are my roommates and never post I'm mad about it
  13. If you're not on here LET ME LOVE YOU
  14. 😘